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  • Ever feel like science is easy for everyone else but you?
  • Do you feel guilty every time you put down your work just a little bit?

If you want to stop doubting yourself, quit feeling like an imposter amongst fellow scientists, and finally have the work-life balance you deserve, this workshop is made for you.

This semester's program is offered for all doctoral candidates and postdocs at the Universität Regensburg and includes a three-part workshop in English. Each of the workshop sessions contains a short introduction of the key concepts and practical tasks that you can apply to your individual experiences. You may attend individual parts, but we recommend that you attend the entire sequence.

Workshop sessions in Summer Semester 2024

All sessions will be held from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
Place: Sammelgebäude, 4th floor, room no 4.16 "WIN-room" (entrance via room 4.17)

  • Thu 23 May | Part 1: Imposter Syndrome and Self-Worth
    Learn how to defeat your imposter syndrome by identifying your inner critics and becoming your own cheerleader on your journey to improving your self-worth.
  • Thu 6 Jun | Part 2: Communicate Like an Expert
    Improve the way you communicate and handle difficult working situations like a pro. Conquer your stage fright and show your competence.
  • Thu 27 Jun | Part 3: Work-Life Balance and Social Network
    Work for the future but live for today. Learn how to build a strong social network while working around the world.   
After the workshop, there will be time for coffee, and everyone is invited.
Feel free to bring snacks to share!

In order to be able to prepare the sessions well and to inform participants about any necessary changes, we ask for registration (see the GRIPS-Course below). 

If you will need to miss a session, please send an E-mail to Alex, Yih-Shiuan, Ricarda or the WIN-team by win.info@ur.de

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  • Ace Your Mental Health in Science - 23 May, 6 Jun and 27 Jun 2024