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Ace Your Mental Health in Science

Ever feel like science is easy for everyone else but you?
Do you feel guilty every time you put down your work just a little bit?
If you want to stop doubting yourself, quit feeling like an imposter amongst fellow scientists, and finally have the work-life balance you deserve, this workshop is made for you.

We will have a kick-off event before the workshop on November 7, 2022 from 5c.t. till 7c.t. pm in room DE.2121(Westliche Naturwissenschaften, Gebäudeteil DE, OG2)

Please register now until Nov 7, noon

The workshop includes three sessions. Each session of this workshop contains a short introduction of the key concepts and practical tasks that you can apply to your individual experiences.

The workshop will be carried out in English and is offered for all doctoral candidates and postdocs at the Universität Regensburg. Since the number of participants is limited, make sure to sign up in advance and let us know beforehand if you cannot make it so people on the waiting list can join in.

In addition, a sports event a a coffee hour will take place.

The applications of the three mental health workshop sessions end on Nov 14 and Dec 22.

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